In summer of 2015, writer/director Morgan Higby Night took a day trip to Idyllwild and had a vision... We need another Hicksville! Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree opened in 2010 and it's success is well documented in international press and on it's availability chart. The Idyllwild version needed to be the same but completely different. Better even! He reached out to two of his favorite style icons Dita Von Teese & Third Man Records and was ecstatic they were on board. He then went about paying homage to his favorite icons, Dolly Parton & John Waters, his favorite spooky ride and his favorite TV Show. Rounding out the chalet themes was a tribute to 70's Honeymoon Kitch, a year round Christmas room, a tribute to Geek Culture and a That 70's Room, a tribute to Morgan's childhood.