What's your address/How do I get there?
We don't give out our address to insure the privacy of our guests & ourselves. We will email you directions after you book a trailer.
How far are you from Los Angeles?
Depends on traffic but generally 2 hours.
When is check in/check out? IN:2p, OUT:12p
Why are you 21+ now?
We are now 420 friendly on the property besides our two Family Weeks per year.
Is there Air Conditioning/Heat?
Yes. Each trailer has air/swamp cooler & heat.
Can I cook there?
We have a BBQ area and the Bistro area has a microwave, dishes, sink & toaster.
Do I need wood for the fire pit? Yes. They sell it at any grocery store on your way through town.
Do you have BB Guns and/or Archery Supplies?
Yes. And you can use them for free as long as you don't shoot each other.

Do you allow photo shoots? Yes... BUT they must be previously arranged and there's a location fee. Vactaion photos are fine.



Is the pool heated year round? How?
The pool open and heated March 15 until November 15 by electricity which is tied into our solar system.
What about water?
We have a filtered, drinking water dispenser in the vending area.

What else is in the vending area?
A vending and soda machine that stocks soda, beer, snacks and hicksville merch. We also have a K-Cup vending machine and photobooth.

Do you have towels/sheets? Yes.

What is the shower/bathroom situation?
We have an indoor and outdoor shower. The bathroom is shared by all the small trailers. The New World & Sideshow & Z have full baths.
Can I bring my dog?
bsolutely. As long as he/she's not the "I like to destroy stuff" type. We charge a $25 fee and you must adhere to our dog policies.
What else should I bring?
Sunblock. Charcoal and Lighter fluid if using the grill. Each trailer has a fridge in it so bring food if you'd like.

Do you allow camping? No.
Can I add additional people to my trailer for a fee? No.

I want to come check the place out. Can I stop by?
No. We only allow registered guests on the property.