Built by Los Angeles writer and director Morgan Higby Night, Hicksville was opened in April 2010 as a retreat for artists of any medium to get away and have a safe place to create & collaborate.

The motel came into existence as Morgan realized that people from any occupation or background might appreciate a place to go relax and enjoy the magic that is in and around Joshua Tree.

Morgan Higby Night
Morgan moved out on his own at 17 and into a Central Oregon Trailer Park. He has had an affinity for them ever since. The idea to make them themed came from his favorite hotel, The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.

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devilsnight.com  devilsnight.tv


Ethan Allen
Morgan met music producer Ethan Allen in New Orleans when Ethan was the house engineer for Daniel Lanios' Kingsway Recording Studio. Kingsway was a huge influence for Hicksville. Ethan set up the recording studio and is in charge of the music side of Hicksville.

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Hicksville Trailer Palace
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